Skilled Installations

Sprint Convergence specialises in skilled installations. Our teams are trained and accredited in a wide range of technologies and have vast experience in delivering seamless surveys, installations and training.

We aim for almost no disruption to your teams and will work with your teams to accommodate to your business needs.

Unified Communications

Sprint provides businesses with the latest network based service, providing a comprehensive range of telephony features for a flexible monthly user fee. All your telephony and business tools administered in to one, true Unified comms delivered by the people that truly understand it.
Hosted IP Telephony allows customers to replace on site PBX infrastructure with a network based solution. The service fulfils a wide range of requirements, from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those businesses that operate multiple sites or call centre operations.

For more information on Hosted Telephony please contact our teams to book a call.

For more information on Hosted Telephony please take a look at our brochure.


Sprint Convergence offers: Ethernet, Fibre to Premises, FTTC, EFM, Converged, Assure Voice only and ADSL2+ delivered from multiple vendors, giving you the best of breed and reassurance the product fits your needs rather than the business making the best of what’s been given.

Calls & Lines

Sprint’s network ensures continuity throughout your businesses, we meet all of the highest accreditations and industry standards. We are an Ofcom accredited reseller and buy directly from Openreach, so you know that you are only getting the very best.

We have the ability to build in Disaster Recovery plans on your telephone numbers for extra resilience. Fraud Protection is built into our networks giving you peace of mind and Sprint provide excellent rates to local, national, mobile and international telephone calls, in some cases up to 70% off BT business rates.

An Analogue Line is a single copper cable that can also be known as a PSTN Line. Analogue Lines can be used for voice & data circuits. You will only be able to make or receive 1 phone call at a time with an Analogue Line and only one phone number is associated, these lines are used for voice, fax, credit card machines and ADSL/fibre broadband Connections.
ISDN2 also known as ISDN2e, is a digital telephone line which allows a business to make or receive two simultaneous voice calls over a single copper line. ISDN2 lines are normally connected to an onsite PBX which will allow the customer to make or receive two simultaneous calls at one time. You can only have 2 channels (lines) per ISDN2 Circuit. If you require more than 8 Lines, we would recommend you install an ISDN30 Circuit.
This is ideal for medium to large businesses, and provides from 8 to 30 telephone channels (lines). This allows up to 30 simultaneously inbound and outbound calls at one time. ISDN30e channels are delivered over either a Fibre optic or copper path and terminates on the customer’s telephone system (PBX). An ISDN30 connection also gives you the choice of an unlimited number of DDIs (Direct Dial In).

Cloud Technology

Our service works with our cloud servers, desktop application including such apps as Microsoft Office 365. Making your office dynamics flexible and always available with the reassurance that all your data is secure and backed up with Sprint Convergence.


Sprint simply love technology and fixing PCs. Working with some of the best known industry vendors, we have the necessary skills to look after the network support of any company, regardless of its size.

Sprint offers flexible IT support services providing unlimited network support on tap to businesses.

We’ll never charge any hidden extras and we even include new PC installations within our monthly fee.

Our standard computer support response time is 4 hours and a critical response is within 2 hours. But whilst other IT support companies like to quote the percentage of calls answered within their agreed SLA, we prefer to concentrate on the fastest possible response to every call. At Sprint this currently stands at less than 2 hours – even on standard faults.

Our brochure

Features of our business IT Support:

  • Cost-effective IT support for SME businesses
  • All-inclusive support agreements – includes new PC installations
  • Only server installations and office moves charged in addition
  • Account management and regular IT reviews included
  • Network and server monitoring

Systems we Support

Sprint works with a wide range of operating systems for desktop PCs, network servers, Apple Macs and Linux. Our Microsoft and Dell partnerships enable us to remain abreast of the latest software and hardware innovations and continue to offer a superior level of support. Our experience with an extensive range of third party applications and our excellent integration skills allow us to undertake the most ambitious of IT support projects.