Professional Installations

Our professional services have been designed to fit the needs of all clientele, with our wide range of experience and full UK coverage. We support the most advanced telecommunications and IT partners through to the start-up companies.

Our aim is to act seamlessly as your professional technical department, offering provisioning, project management, technical installations and support, end user training as well as on-going white label billing on your behalf.

With Sprint, you’ll have no more worries with sale cycle blockages, expanding your reach across the UK, taking on larger projects, HR issues with holiday and sick cover.

We offer a full white label service, including a white label technical helpdesk after we deliver the project.

With our scale of business, we can offer you a cost effective and hassle-free delivery team for your IT and Telephony projects throughout the UK and beyond.

We aim to make the telecoms industry a highly respected and a professional industry. Sprint will priorities your clients to be at the heart of the project.

Our portfolio includes:

Site Surveys – We complete a full audit of the current set-up, providing you with a report on the findings, making recommendations for improvements and outlining next steps, any associated costs and timescales for the installation. Our engineers will even highlight any areas for upselling.

Installations & Cabling – Our highly qualified engineers will attend your customers site, professionally installing the telephony solution, whilst communicating with your customer at all times, either as a representative of your business or as a 3rd party installations team on behalf of your company.

Training – Our engineers will deliver handset training ensuring the customer is operational at the point of go live. We also have fully qualified, professional trainers to complete the more in-depth admin training.

Provisioning/Account Management – Our provisioning & account management team will support you from start to finish with your order, we will chase suppliers, process orders and ensure we have all the relevant information for a smooth process.

Ongoing Maintenance – Maintenance support, this is key to your customers ongoing satisfaction with the platform. The end user will be able to contact our technical helpdesk support team, requesting adds, moves, changes and resolving any technical issues.

Billing – Our billing team will complete your monthly bill run, produce your invoices and even chase those aged debtors. Invoices can be dual or Sprint branded & you will have your own billing platform to check all those invoices.

Unified Communications

Next generation telephony, more businesses than ever are turning to next generation solutions.

Hosted telephony is a complete business phone system, delivered over the internet and provided by a host and/or telephony company.

Horizon is a complete communications service that provides a range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. It allows you to manage your calls whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

Here are some of the main benefits:

Cost – Minimal capital outlay due to extremely competitive on-net rates over a business grade network.

Greater control – Take complete control of your phone system with an extensive range of call handling and management features, all operated through an easy-to-use web interface. Ideal for home workers or multiple sites or take out our maintenance package and leave everything to the experts!

Improving customer service – Enhance the service you can always provide to your customers with dynamic call handling, pre-recorded messages and seamless transfers at the touch of a button.

Reliable and secure – We provide full support including training, number porting, provisioning and ongoing maintenance.


Our Ethernet solutions have been designed for IP telephony, video and conferencing services as well as instant messaging, making us the perfect end-to-end supplier for connectivity and communication. Ethernet services can help reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support. We offer scalability and flexibility unavailable from legacy services. And we deliver dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your voice and data traffic. Connect to our extensive next generation network and receive dedicated, low latency and high availability services, with full resilience, supported by robust, end-to-end SLAs that include UK-based support.

Services include:

EFM – Ethernet for the First Mile is part of the Ethernet family of computer network protocols between a telecommunications company and a customer’s premise. From the customer’s point of view, it is their “first” mile, although from the access networks’ point of view it is known as the “last mile”. EFM can deliver symmetrical speeds and is much more resilient than the standard ADSL or FTTC products.

4G Fast-Start – 4G Access Fast-Start offers instant connectivity whilst you wait for their Ethernet circuits to be installed. This is then seamlessly transitioned to a Backup when the primary circuit is installed. With no hidden usage charges this product offers you peace of mind and the reassurance that you will always be connected.

Broadband and Ethernet backup – A resilient failover solution gives you the assurance of enhanced service availability levels to support business-critical applications and provides high protection against unforeseen network incidents. We have a range of failover options for increasing the resiliency of your primary service from FTTC Broadband backup, right through to Fibre Ethernet solutions routed via different exchanges and network nodes for the highest level of resiliency


SIP connects a business’s PBX to the provider’s national network via broadband, Ethernet or a private circuit.

SIP is a ready-made replacement for ISDN. It was born from a growing need for reliable, flexible and scalable communications technology. SIP Trunks enables growing businesses to manage communications effectively in line with demand.

Here are some of the main benefits:

Cost – One SIP channel can cost approximately 50% of the ISDN equivalent, plus you can benefit from free internal calls.

Scalability – Additional SIP trunks can be added in less than a minute meaning you can scale up and down as you need to easily.

Disaster recovery – SIP has built-in business continuity letting you reroute calls to an alternative location quickly and easily.

Compatible with Skype for Business – Our SIP trunks are integration tested and approved to interoperate with Microsoft® Lync / Skype for Business, allowing you to directly connect to the platform to make external calls.


The move to Cloud-based applications including Voice and Collaboration applications and services, as well as the need to have fast access to the Internet makes good quality Access essential for businesses.

Our Broadband is designed exclusively for the business market – offices and homeworkers. Our network has been built to provide a high-quality, secure connection and this is supported by a highly skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers. Our Broadband solutions have been designed for IP telephony, video and conferencing services as well as instant messaging, making us the perfect end-to-end supplier for connectivity and communication.

Services Include:

ADSL 2+ – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the common name given to the type of technology that is used to provide an internet connection to the premises that is always on, this technology does not utilise the full capacity of an analogue line meaning that it is still possible to make voice calls over the line. Asymmetric refers to Downstream and Upstream speed and means that they are different values, a real-world example of this is a standard ADSL2+ connection where typically the Downstream speed is 14 Mbit/s and the Upstream speed is 1 Mbit/s.

FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet is a term for a broadband connection using optical fibre to supplement part of the usual metal local loop used for connection to an exchange. With FTTC the optical fibre supplements the copper from the DP (street cabinet) to the exchange, in practice this allows for much higher speeds as the length of the copper used to convey data is much shorter and boasts increased stability over its ADSL2+ counterpart. With FTTC the DLSAM is in the street cabinet rather than the exchange.

FTTC G. Fast – G. Fast broadband is a local access network technology that provides a Broadband service from the end users premise to the Internet. It uses copper from the End User premise to BT’s Cabinet with fibre then running to the BT exchange in a very similar way to FTTC. The difference is that where FTTC uses VDSL2 to encode the data stream, we will now use G. Fast technology for this to allow for quicker speeds. We are now able to offer bandwidths of 160/30 Mbit/s & 330/50 Mbit/s.

FTTP – Fibre to The Premises – A Fibre all the way to the end user’s premises (no copper) – available in areas where full fibre infrastructure already exists in the street. Due to the whole circuit being Fibre, we can offer higher speeds with higher rates of reliability. With FTTP there is no “up to” bandwidth. The bandwidth that you buy is the bandwidth that you will obtain over your local access tail.