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Don’t be afraid to take the leap

‘We’ve always used this provider’ ‘We don’t understand the alternatives’ ‘It costs too much to change’ ‘It’s too much hassle to move’. Does this sound familiar to you? Many businesses will stay with their existing telecoms provider for convenience, but may not realise that they are missing out on improved cost efficiency and productivity gains [...]

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Bedford Film Festival

Sprint Convergence - Proud sponsors of BEDFORD Film Festival  2016 Bedford Film Festival is a not for profit organisation screening films, inspiring film makers and promoting Bedford to the film industry Our mission is to #SupportVariety, so our film choices will never follow a set genre. Instead we give audiences a chance to sample cinema they may not have [...]

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The Gamma Ball Rally 2016

Industry event of the year, The Gamma Ball Rally has come and gone in spectacular fashion. This year saw 35 cars and teams participating in the event, starting on Wednesday 14th September in a 'surprisingly sunny' Dover and ending in style with a black tie gala dinner on Friday 16th September in Frankfurt - team Sprint had an absolute ball! :) There were lots [...]

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NEWS IN from the team currently on route to Frankfurt

Once again Team Sprint Convergence (aka - Cunning Stunts) have been lucky enough to be part of the most exciting event in the telecoms industry calendar - The Gamma Ball Rally. The great and the good of the telecoms industry unite each year for this marvellous event all in aid of charity. Budapest, Dublin and Amsterdam have already been [...]

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Comms National Awards News!

We are a very proud team here at Sprint Convergence Ltd today. We have just found out that we've been shortlisted as a finalist for the Customer Service Provider Award at the biggest industry event of the year - The Comms National Awards 2016!!!! A big well done to everybody and a HUGE thank you to all of our customers, you are the reason we're [...]

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